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What Is Pilates?

The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning is designed to bring the body to its maximum physical potential incorporating three main elements; building strength (using spring resistance), improving stretch in the muscles, and increasing range of motion in the joints. Each movement is designed to move from your center outward, resulting in increased awareness and strength in the abdominals, and length in the muscles. In a non-stressful and personalized workout routine, the client works toward improving their overall physical well-being and performance, and gaining a deeper understanding of posture and alignment. Many clients would agree it's like going to the chiropractor, getting a massage and exercising all in one!

Advantages of Pilates
Gain muscle tone with no impact
Enjoy the benefits of strength and stretch 
Attain muscular and skeletal balance
Improve coordination, respiration, posture and alignment
Reduce stress and feel energized


We recommend training at least 2 times per week. Sessions are 55 minutes long. We specialize in private and semi-private training in addition to our exclusive group mat classes. We are happy to help you design a workout program that is motivating, convenient and affordable.

To start, there is a 2 Private Sessions for $99 offer. Sessions are 55 minutes, with just you
and an instructor.

Thereafter, our private sessions are:
*$70 for a single session
*$650 for 10 sessions

After your 20 pack of privates, you can bring the financial investment down significantly by moving to semi-privates. Semi-privates which include 1-4 people can be extremely motivating and fun.

Semi-privates are:
*$45 for a single session
*$400 for 10 sessions

Semi-Privates only happen at specific times and people are matched up by level. Please call BodyTonic for the current schedule.

In addition and to keep your schedule varied, we run open mat classes for $20 each, and 12-week workshops that include matwork and props for $210.

Prices do not include 4.5% sales tax.

Our Policies:
*If you are working with an injury or special need we
recommend getting permission from you health care provider.
*There is a 24-hour cancellation policy on all sessions.
If you do not cancel within this 24 hr period you will be
charged the full amount of your session.
*There are no refunds or exchanges
so please choose your purchases with care.
*Both sessions in the 2 for $99 offer
must be used within 3 weeks of each other.